Call for Abstracts for Poster Presentations CRPS Cork 2017

Submission Opening: 16th March 2017

Submission deadline: 12th May 2017

Abstracts to be submitted in PDF format only, via email to

        1. An individual may be the first author on more than one poster abstract.
        2. An individual can submit more than one poster abstract but cannot sponsor more than one poster abstract.
        3. A member of IASP must sponsor each poster abstract.
        4. Poster abstracts must describe original scientific material that has not been previously published or presented at other national or international meetings.
        5. Encore presentations are not allowed. However, if a poster abstract was presented elsewhere only with preliminary results and complete results are now available, it may be submitted.
        6. Poster abstracts will be published and made available to all registered delegates in an electronic format.
        7. If the abstract is accepted, the presenting author must register as delegate in order to present the poster.
        8. The authors of the top 5 abstracts, as deemed by the Scientific committee, shall be asked to orally present their results on Friday September 1, 2017.
            1. Poster abstracts will be approved for presentation on the basis of quality and originality.
            2. All abstracts shall have as their theme data related to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in the clinical or pre-clinical setting.
            3. Abstracts shall be categorized into two groups: (a) Clinical Abstracts or (b) Research/Pre-clinical abstracts. Authors must identify which category their abstract is best suited for. The Scientific committee reserves the right to re-allocate the abstract to a different category if they consider it more appropriate
            4. Poster abstracts will be rejected if they do not adhere to the ethical principles for clinical (human) and animal research endorsed by IASP. Please review the guidelines for Pain Treatment Services, Use of Animals in Research, Ethical Guidelines for Pain Research in Humans, and Clinical Practice Guidelines in the Field of Pain at
            5. Poster abstracts must be submitted in English with accurate spelling and of a quality suitable for publication.
            6. Proprietary drug names may not be used when referring to pharmacological substances. Only generic names of drugs are acceptable.
            7. Tables or illustrations may not be included in abstracts, but may appear on the poster if accepted for presentation.
            8. The text of the abstract must contain a maximum of 250 words. The title, author block, disclosure block (affiliations) are not included in the abstract count.
            9. Abstracts must be organized into the following sections:
              – Aim
              – Methods
              – Results
              – Conclusions
            10. Acknowledgments/Disclosures: If applicable, abstracts should include an acknowledgement section, listing grant support (including grant number) and disclosure of any financial relationship the author(s) may have with the manufacturer/supplier of any commercial products or services related to the work reported in the abstract.
            11. Items to include are:
              – Research support
              – Consultant to a company
              – Speaker bureau participant
              – Company employee
              – Any other form of financial interest or support
            12. If your abstract is accepted, Posters must be A0 size and the page orientation must be portrait, not landscape.
            1. As noted earlier, the authors of the top 5 abstracts, as deemed by the Scientific committee, shall be asked to orally present their results on Friday September 1, 2017.
            2. If a poster abstract is selected for presentation, the presenting author must register to attend the Conference. Please register by clicking here or by visiting the conference website at
            3. For any questions about registration or the conference itself, please email
            4. Presenting authors are responsible for all expenses related to attending the Congress, including but not limited to airfare, registration, accommodations, ground transportation and meals.
            5. An individual may present more than one poster at the Congress, so long as he or she is a listed author/presenter for each poster.

POSTER BOARDS will be suitable for A0 size portrait orientation only

            1. Each poster must be on display for both days to allow Conference delegates sufficient time for review. Posters will be available for viewing Thursday through Friday from 09:00 to 17:00.
            2. Poster presenters will be allowed into the Exhibition Hall/Poster Area at 08:00 on Thursday 31st August to arrange the poster on the poster board.
            3. Authors must take down their posters at 17:00 on Friday 1st September.
            4. No conflicting sessions are scheduled during the poster discussion period.
            5. The presenting author must be present at his or her poster for the assigned discussion period. The poster presenter and/or a co-author should also be present at his or her poster for as much of the entire poster discussion period as possible.
            6. Posters should be self-explanatory so presenters are free to supplement and discuss particular points raised in inquiry. The poster must cover the same material as reported in the abstract. The poster session offers an intimate forum for informal discussions, but this becomes difficult if you are obliged to devote most of your time to merely explaining your poster to a succession of visitors. You may find it useful to have on hand printed copies of your poster, a tablet of sketch paper and suitable drawing materials. (Projection equipment, video monitors and electrical outlets will not be provided in the poster session area.)

Arranging Materials on Poster Board

            • Materials should be mounted on thin poster paper or lightweight cardboard. (do not use heavy cardboard, which may be difficult to keep in position on the poster board).
            • You may want to group logically consistent sections or columns of the poster on backgrounds of the same color.
            • Posters will be affixed with Velcro (fastening tape that adheres to the carpet-like fabric of the poster boards) which will be provided on site.
            • Prepare a label for the top of your poster noting the title, authors and affiliations.
            • Lettering should be at least 1 inch (2.54 cm) high. Arrange materials in columns rather than rows. It is easier for viewers to scan a poster by moving systematically along it rather than by jumping back and forth. You should place an introduction at the upper left and a conclusion at the lower right, both in large typescript.


            • Keep in mind that illustrations will be viewed from a distance. You should indicate the sequence of illustrations with numbers or letters at least 1 inch (2.54 cm) high, preferably in bold lettering. Each figure or table should have a heading of one or two lines in large type stating the take-home message.
            • Provide detailed information in a legend in smaller type below, describing the content of the figures as well as the conclusions. Keep details of methodology brief and place them at the end of the legend. Charts, drawings and illustrations may be similar to those used in slides, only simpler (without unnecessary details) and more heavily drawn. Please keep everything as clear as possible.

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